Sprockets x inTulsa Partnership

The company Sprockets knows a few things about finding and hiring the right candidate, their AI-powered hiring software reduces employee turnover by matching applicants to opportunities based on attributes of the current top-performing employees, making sure that candidates are a perfect fit!

Originally, what started as a 1 to 2 hires trial run, turned into an effort to reach a critical mass and establish a SDR team here in Tulsa, leveraging our local strengths and unique services to build a SDR pipeline.


Remote Hiring

In the summer of 2021, InTulsa approached Sprockets about fulfilling their hiring needs, offering to find quality and remote SDR talent here in Tulsa. Sprockets agreed, resulting in a fruitful, lasting partnership.

Getting the right people in front of Sprockets was crucial from the get go, using internal reports produced by our research team, we knew Tulsa was home to a growing and competitive market of SDR talent we could tap into.



InTulsa’s team of Talent Partners were crucial to Sprocket’s hiring success, finding the right people who could match the skillset and caliber of Sprocket’s top SDR employees was crucial. Through continued communication, tailored searches and curated submissions InTulsa was fully synchronized with Sprockets and hiring rapidly! Our Partner Operations team also ensured all communication and collaboration was relayed across teams.


InTulsa’s marketing team continually generated a stable flow of candidates, publicizing the Sprocket’s SDR opportunity across our newsletter - with over 7,000 subscribers - and other job hosting sites, simultaneously promoting these roles as part of our university outreach targeting qualified, early stage talent.


Our Success

The original success of those first hires, led to our Talent Partners practically outsmarting Sprocket's AI software, continuously finding the right candidate over and over. The result was process that continually produced a steady stream of well- suited SDR talent and a growing team of 7 remote SDRs.

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