April Tax x inTulsa Partnership

April is revolutionizing taxes, "using data-driven approaches to personalize the tax experience and minimize the burden on taxpayers." A company that's revolutionizing taxes needs a revolutionizing solution to hiring talent, an understanding of company needs, and creating a responsive candidate pipeline that's where inTulsa steps in!


Making hiring less taxing

Taxes are stressful and so is hiring. April approached inTulsa in the summer of 2021 and was gearing up for a busy season, after gaining national attention from the New York Times, Blomberg, and BuzzFeed.


Finding top talent

Candidates not only have to keep up with the federal and state tax codes but need to demonstrate knowledge of consumer finances beyond tax and contribute to the development of April's tax coding platform (now that's a lot of code).


Our team of talent partners swooped in, sourcing talent that responded to this unique tax skill set. While our talent team sourced, inTulsa's marketing team generated candidate traffic to these roles through targeted online campaigns, leading to more than 100+ submissions by individuals. After 5 months, our team of talent parners parsed through candidate profiles presenting 22 qualified candidates to the April team. Out of these vetted candidates, April successfully hired two Tax Analysts before the 2021 tax season, but our work didn't stop there...

Data insights

Salary research was helpful in this relationship, showcasing Tulsa's competitive advantage from an affordability standpoint. In doing so, our data team leveraged survey software that analyzed industry, occupation and skill set to give hiring managers unmatched insights into how much talent will cost in Tulsa.


Our commitment

We made sure April's new hires were connected to top-tier coworking space and were integrated in the Tulsa community, so that April could focus on onboarding and employer essentials. We even still grab coffee with April's new hires, making sure that Tulsa is a place where they can both live and work.