What We Do

We make it easy for your business to operate in Tulsa with connections to talent, relocation, and growth solutions.

Let us help you attract the right people

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Provide access to growth-focused incentive programs that inject cash and resources to expand your business and create new jobs.


Locate top candidates and coordinate training by tapping into our expert network of local workforce programs, education hubs, skill bootcamps, and custom development programs to fit your unique employment needs.


For your new hires coming to Tulsa from out of state, we are excited to match your company's relocation incentive. If your company doesn't provide a relocation package, we may offer relocation stipends up to $10K to eligible candidates, based on factors including their career level and the new role's salary range.

Ideal partners

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Openness to considering candidates with a variety of life experiences.

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Healthy Diversity

Committed to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging on your team, and to engaging in social impact activities in the community.

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Open Communication

Active and transparent communication – the good, the bad, the hard to hear

How we can help

We offer services that make it easy for your business to land and expand in Tulsa.

Collaborative Partnerships

Connect you to our network of influencers and decision makers for pilots, programs, and policy guidance.

Customer Growth

Support your business development efforts through access to our network of contacts and customers.

Incentive & Investment

Provide access to growth-focused incentive programs that inject cash and resources to expand your business and create new jobs.

Real Estate

Offer free short-term temporary office space at 36 Degrees North plus access to experienced commercial real estate brokers.

How it works

Discovery Process

We work with your operational and people leaders to determine a scope of work, hiring requirements for key roles, and partnerships that help you grow quickly. The discovery process culminates In a service agreement and intake call with InTulsa’s talent team.

Active Relationship

Using weekly touchpoints via phone, email, Slack channels, etc., we push forward resume review and Interviews, workforce connections, relocation of new hires, and local employer brand efforts. InTulsa will be in full concierge mode to execute on a shared plan for growth.

As your business grows, we link you to prime candidates and offer you strategic partnership opportunities in Tulsa.

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