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Asian man outdoors at a table working on laptop.
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Join the Host Employer Program

The inTulsa Visa Network is an initiative that provides free immigration assistance and job placement services to help approved candidates and their families relocate and thrive in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Benefits of Hiring International Talent

Access to World Class Talent

Tap into a diverse pool of skills and expertise, beyond local candidates, which can help to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your organization.

Save on hiring costs

inTulsa will minimize the financial and legal costs incurred by the employer as much as permissible by law, while the employee pursues immigration pathways.

Streamlined Legal Services

Our legal counsel can help to streamline complex and time-consuming visa process for employers by providing guidance and support to both the employer and the candidate.

Increased employee retention rates

Boost your employee retention rates by investing in sponsored international talent who desire a sense of belonging and highly value opportunities for stability, security and growth.

By supporting international talent and helping candidates establish their lives in the USA, you contribute directly to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming business environment

Host Employer Testimonials

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“The individuals hired through the inTulsa Visa Network have truly impressed us with their expertise, dedication, and passion. They have seamlessly integrated into our team, bringing fresh perspectives and valuable knowledge to share."
Derek Webb

Derek Webb

Lead Software Engineer/Education Facilitator, Holberton School Tulsa

“Working with inTulsa's Visa Network feels like partnering with family. Their dedication, responsiveness, and genuine care make the entire experience delightful. They are the compass that leads us to extraordinary skills, making talent acquisition a breeze."
Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson

CEO, Oseberg

“Thanks to the inTulsa Visa network’s commitment to sourcing the top candidate and expertise in finding the best visa solution, we successfully onboarded our desired candidate. Their knowledge of immigration law and meticulous attention to detail ensured a smooth process. The open communication, and unwavering support made us feel confident throughout."
Josephine Nelms

Josephine Nelms

Atento Capital

Our Impact

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A few of our participating Host Employers

How it works

Answer a few questions on the Become a Host Employer form to get started.


Initial Consultation

Discussing the company's needs and answer any questions they may have about the program and the Partnering Agreement will be discussed with an InTulsa representative.


Candidate Selection for Job Placement

We work with the company to identify potential international candidates who meet their job requirements.


Candidate immigration assistance

Once a candidate is selected, we will provide immigration assistance to help the candidate obtain the necessary visas and work permits. Once the candidate is approved, they will be placed with the host employer and begin their new job.


Ongoing Support throughout employment

Our unique offering provides accepted participants with connections to a sponsored job, access to social services, and legal support to obtain a green card at no cost. We will also provide ongoing immigration support to ensure that the candidate maintains their legal status in the USA.


The visa process can be complex and time-consuming for employers, especially if they are not familiar with the intricacies of the system. We can help to streamline this process by providing guidance and support to both the employer and the candidate.

Have a specific question?
What type of companies are eligible to participate in the host employer program?

Any Tulsa based company that is interested in developing their internal talent pool and supporting international talent is eligible to participate in the program. Furthermore, any US-based companies who have the ability to hire and sponsor international remote workers who are based in Tulsa are also welcome to become host employers.

What types of skill sets do Visa Network candidates offer?

inTulsa accepts highly qualified, English speaking professionals in the software engineering, finance, and business operations fields.

How long does the candidate selection process take?

The candidate selection process can vary depending on the standard screening and hiring practices of the host employer. inTulsa strives to provide timely and efficient service to all host employers to ensure that candidates can start and continue to work in a legally compliant manner.

Will there be costs associated with the program for the host employer?

There is no cost associated with becoming a host employer. If it is identified that your international employee requires legal support, inTulsa will minimize the financial and legal costs incurred by the employer as much as permissible by law, while the employee pursues immigration pathways.

Can the host employer sponsor the candidate for permanent residency?

Yes, host employers have the option to sponsor the candidate for permanent residency. inTulsa will provide guidance and assistance throughout the sponsorship process.

How does inTulsa ensure that the candidate is legally authorized to work in the USA?

inTulsa and its legal partners formally qualify each international candidate in order to ensure that they are legally authorized to work in the US.

How does inTulsa ensure that the candidate is a good fit for the host employer's culture?

inTulsa works closely with both the host employer and the candidate to ensure that the placement is a good fit for both parties.

Do international candidates in this program speak English?

Yes, candidates are required to be comfortable using the English language, which they demonstrate through proficiency tests and in conversations with the inTulsa admissions team.

What US Visa pathways can inTulsa assist with?

Included Visa Types:

• Humanitarian Parole Visa (Ukrainian, Venezuelan, Haitian, Cuban, and Nicaraguan)

• H-1B Visa (Existing H-1B)

• F1 STEM OPT Visa

• TN NAFTA visa (Mexico & Canada)

Hire top international talent  with ease

Tulsa business leaders can express interest by filling out the short form and an inTulsa representative will contact you shortly for the initial consultation.

InTulsa via network group visit to Tulsa

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