Chow Now x inTulsa Partnership

“ChowNow was created to bridge the divide between restaurant and customer needs. ChowNow’s products help restaurants get online quickly and easily so they can maintain direct relationships with their customers, arming them with the tools needed to compete in the tech-driven world.”

In 2021, InTulsa was presented with a unique opportunity: find SDR talent in Tulsa. Using a multi-team approach we answered ChowNow’s hiring needs and built a formula for success.


Hiring Now!

ChowNow needed Sales Development and Customer Service Representative talent, and quick! InTulsa answered the call, activating our full team of recruiters, marketers, operation leads, and researchers - providing recruitment and placement services.


Concerted Marketing and Social Strategy


Next, our team of talent partners leveraged inTulsa’s robust, internal talent pools for finding Sales Development Representative talent and sourced using LinkedIn and Indeed.  We conducted candidate screenings prior to every submission all while continuing to engage with other qualified candidates, moving them along the pipeline or referring them to other positions in our network.

Additional Services

During, the inTulsa research team used real-time workforce analytics to provide a comprehensive overview of SDR talent in Tulsa to guide our search, as our Partner Ops team provided individualized account management and facilitated collaboration  across the entire inTulsa organization.

“The inTulsa marketing team assembled specific messaging and digital assets for candidates looking to launch their sales careers, creating a Sales Development Representative landing page on the Talent inTulsa website.”


Success Rate

As a result, within the first four weeks of working with hiring managers at ChowNow, InTulsa sourced 438 quality candidates, screening 53 of those candidates and submitting 18 to ChowNow’s internal hiring team - laying the foundation for replicable success, staffing six new hires and counting!

Tulsa’s Edge: Satellite

Partnering with the local workforce development programs, like Satellite, the Talent inTulsa team offered opportunities for candidates to learn from sales leaders on how best to land their first job in the industry.