Tulsa is synonymous with the energy sector, known as the “Oil Capital of the World. The Energy Tech sector is a natural fit for Tulsa that incorporates innovative technologies that optimize efficiency and sustainability in the energy industry, focusing on: operational efficiency, sustainability, and America’s energy transition.

Tulsa’s strong corporate presence, skilled workforce, and unmatched academic programs places us at the forefront of energy tech innovations and creates an environment for business success.

Problems we are solving for

Does this sound like your company? If so, inTulsa is the right partner for you!

·       Companies that are looking for a location that fosters energy innovation, connections, and strategic growth opportunities

·       Companies that are developing digital innovations and solutions that provide long-term, sustainable energy tech strategies

·       Companies that are looking for access to capital and energy entrepreneurship programs

How we are solving these problems

Tulsa is supercharging innovation in partnership with Energy Innovation Capital, GKFF and Industry leaders to:

·       Launch a venture capital fund to boost energy tech investment

·       Build an energy tech startup incubator program, accelerating commercialization; and,

·       Connect startups within our emerging tech sector through a corporate innovation program that streamlines corporate deal flow and partnership opportunities.