Holberton School x inTulsa Partnership

Holberton Tulsa's mission is to provide learners with the skills and technical knowledge needed for initial employment in entry-level positions, preparing students academically and professionally to meet the constantly changing employment requirements needed to have a successful career in software engineering.

The Holberton School first opened in San Francisco in 2016, opening up the Tulsa campus in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation in 2020, driven by the goal of producing software engineers to keep up with Tulsa’s growing demand.



Soon after graduation, Holberton students were ready to enter Tulsa’s growing tech economy. inTulsa knew our services could bridge the gap between employer opportunities and local demand, strengthening Holberton’s software engineering pipeline.


Growing Tulsa’s Tech Opportunities

Software engineers are a hot commodity in the US economy with jobs expected to grow 22% between 2020 - 2030. Firms throughout the US are all vying for software engineering talent, looking for remote and in person staff to fill vacancies. By identifying targeted remote opportunities or connecting with small, high-growth startups, the inTulsa team is able to attract and share these unique opportunities with Holberton’s staff and graduates, working with their career services department to supplement and source additional job opportunities that align with each cohort’s graduation date.


inTulsa worked in tandem with Holberton graduates and staff to connect them with employers who were looking for entry-level software engineering talent. Our team of talent partners worked closely with graduates, submitting their resumes to companies and unique opportunities our team identified. We connected graduates with smaller organizations  and remote employers who were less likely to source from the Tulsa’s market, providing them with array of tailored, non-traditional routes.


Additional Services

The inTulsa team worked with Holberton Tulsa to prepare their graduates for the job seeking process: setting up mock behavioral interviews with students, reviewing graduates' resumes, and providing feedback and career guidance on what employers will be looking for.

Tulsa's Edge: CS Programs

Oklahoma is a state continuing to promote computer science in the classroom, requiring all high schools to offer CS curriculum and adopting K-12 computer science standards in 2018. Check out CS for OK for more!

Tulsa’s Success

Holberton Tulsa is making a big splash. Since 2021, the organization has produced several dozen graduates with cohorts growing every quarter – from their first cohort of 22. Holberton graduates are qualified and provide the entry-level software talent needed to grow the tech economy.

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