Hot Jobs Report - August 2022

Monthly insight into the tech and knowledge economy labor market in Tulsa

Welcome to the August edition of inTulsa’s Hot Jobs Report. Every month, inTulsa will dive into the region’s hottest tech jobs showcasing growing, in-demand skills relevant to each job. Demand for tech industry jobs are measured by unique job postings for that given month. Tech in Tulsa is growing rapidly in the region with a nearly 100% increase since 2018. 

August 2022 Narrative

Hot Tech Jobs - August 2022 Hot Skills Monthly Growth in Skill Demand
Help Desk Analysts Microsoft Software +100%
Java Developers Java (Programming Language) 100%
Biostatisticians Statistical Analysis +117%
Business Analysts Power BI +600%
IT Project Managers Agile Methodology +57%

From June 2022 through July 2022, Tulsa’s tech market saw large increases in demand for Java Developers. Java Developers test and build software and can earn upwards of $90,000 in Tulsa. Java is one of the most common programming languages in the world making this a highly demanded skill. Tulsa Community College has training programs specifically designed to teach Java programming! 

Job postings for Biostatisticians have grown over 117% since June 2022. Biostaticians apply statistical methods and analysis to answer questions in the medical field. The healthcare field is expected to grow by 9% in Tulsa over the next 5 years making this a very stable and secure industry. Business Analysts, who can earn over $85,000 annually, use a similar skillset applied to business performance measurement and forecasting. An increasingly demanded skill for Business Analysts is Power BI. Power BI and other data visualization tools are commonly used to create data reports and dashboards. Tulsa Community College’s new Cyber Skill Center offers a 24 week accelerated training program in data analysis where students can learn general data skills applicable to both the healthcare and business industries. 

Demand for IT Project Managers has increased over 50% since June. IT Project Managers are generally a mid to senior level position earning over $120,000 per year! A commonly demanded skill for IT Project Managers is Agile Methodology which is a project management system designed to efficiently and effectively deliver value to customers. Lastly, Tulsa is seeing an increase in demand for Help Desk Analysts. Help Desk Analysts generally help customers resolve technical issues with computer and technological products and earn an average of about $50,000 per year in Tulsa. Importantly, these positions can serve as a springboard to more senior level tech positions such as Network Computer Systems Administrators, Software Developers, and Computer Systems Analysts. These roles generally require basic computer skills such as Microsoft Office which can be acquired through various Information Technology programs available at Tulsa Tech

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