Hot Jobs Report - July 2022

Monthly insight into the tech and knowledge economy labor market in Tulsa

Welcome to the July edition of inTulsa’s Hot Jobs Report. Every month, inTulsa will dive into the region’s hottest tech jobs showcasing growing, in-demand skills relevant to each job. Demand for tech industry jobs are measured by unique job postings for that given month. Tech in Tulsa is growing rapidly in the region with a nearly 100% increase since 2018. 

July 2022 Narrative

Hot Tech Jobs - July 2022 Hot Skills Monthly Growth in Skill Demand
Data Analysts R (Programming Language) +40%
Network Engineers Local & Wide Area Networks +125%
Full Stack Developers Amazon Web Services +22%
Customer Service Reps Time Management +50%
Project Managers Project Management Professional Certification +36%

From April 2022 through June 2022, Tulsa’s tech market saw massive increases in demand for Network Engineers and Full Stack Developers. Network Engineers work across all industries building, designing and maintaining network infrastructure. This broad role ensures devices connect to appropriate networks with security and speed at the forefront. One key skill for Network Engineers is deep knowledge of Local and Wide Area Networks. Both Tulsa Tech and Tulsa Community College have training programs specifically designed to train new Network Engineers. The average salary for an early-career Network Engineer in Tulsa is $73,664. 

Full Stack Developers create web applications and websites, using both front-end and back-end skills to build web interfaces that we use every day. One of the top demanded skills associated with Full Stack Developers is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which increased by +125% in job descriptions posted in Tulsa. AWS is a cloud computing platform that many companies use to host data in the cloud instead of on physical servers. Early-career full stack developers can earn on average $79,984 in Tulsa. Holberton School and most institutions of higher education have programs that teach full stack development. 

Not all tech jobs require knowledge of hard IT skills, demonstrated by the prevalence of Customer Service Representative (CSR) job postings in the region. CSRs are the second most demanded job in Tulsa and many of these roles are housed within tech companies that need new customers to adopt their services. Many companies provide custom training for their new CSRs on tech tools and support tactics, but time management skills show up over and over as a must-have for Tulsans applying for these jobs. Customer Service Reps can earn $42,673 on average as they begin their careers, often with incentivized bonuses on top of that salary. 

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