Hot Jobs Report - June 2022

Monthly insight into the tech and knowledge economy labor market in Tulsa

Welcome to the June edition of inTulsa’s Hot Jobs Report. Every month, inTulsa will dive into the region’s hottest tech jobs showcasing growing, in-demand skills relevant to each job. Demand for tech industry jobs are measured by unique job postings for that given month. Tech in Tulsa is growing rapidly in the region with a nearly 100% increase since 2018.

June 2022 Narrative

Hot Tech Jobs - June 2022 Hot Skills 30 Day Growth in Skill Demand
System Engineers Systems Engineering +50%
Solution Architects Solution Architecture +17%
IT Support Technicians Active Directory +22%
Sales Managers Computer Literacy +150%
Account Managers Sales +71%

During the month of May, Tulsa’s tech market saw large demand for System Engineers and Solution Architects. For those unfamiliar with each occupation, System Engineers are a highly sought after occupation, responsible for managing complex systems over their life cycle – like work-processes, optimization methods and risk management tools. As seen in the name, Systems Engineers utilize the skill of system engineering: addressing a problem that needs to be solved; identifying the most probable or impactful failures that could occur; then, finding solutions to these problems through a process-based approach. This in-demand solution skill increased by 50% among System Engineers from month to month in Tulsa. Similarly, Solution Architects are garnering a lot of demand from local companies (even here at inTulsa!), and are responsible for evaluating an organization’s needs and identifying which IT solutions could best solve them. Like the System Engineers, top demanded skill for Solution Architects is solutions architecture, bridging communications and operations between an organization’s business and IT functions. This skill increased month to month for Solution Architects by 17%. 

Outside of solely computer and technical occupations, there is plenty of demand for sales roles in Tulsa’s tech industry. Sales Managers have seen an increase in the last month with technical skills growing among the industry. Additionally, Account Managers are growing within tech with inTulsa actively hiring for this occupation! Account Managers are responsible for overseeing sales and relationships with customers, managing the delivery of technical products and services to ensure customers understand offerings. Sales are instrumental in this occupation with this skill growing by 71% month over month. Specifically, experience selling SaaS products is a growing skill we're seeing here at inTulsa and in tech overall.