Hot Jobs Report - May 2022

Monthly insight into the tech and knowledge economy labor market in Tulsa

Welcome to the first-ever inTulsa Trending Jobs Report. Every month, inTulsa will share the region’s top five tech jobs in high demand along with a key skill relevant to each job. Demand for tech industry jobs, as measured by unique job postings, is growing rapidly in the region with a nearly 100% increase since 2018. 

Top Tech Jobs May 2022

Top Tech Jobs Skills Demand YOY Growth in Skills Demand
Software Developers C# 550%
IT Support Technicians Microsoft Windows 600%
Data Analysts SQL 220%
Inside Sales Representatives Selling Techniques 158%
Account Managers Sales Training 367%

It should come as no surprise that Software Developers are one of the most in-demand jobs in Tulsa’s tech industry. In fact, the State of Oklahoma has identified Software Developers as one of the state’s 100 most critical occupations due to high demand and projected growth. Over the past year, there has been a 41% increase in job postings for Software Developers in Tulsa. Within this occupation, there has been a particularly sharp increase in demand for C# programming language, a general purpose language used to build programs and web applications.

There has also been a steep increase in demand for IT Support Technicians, which could serve as an entry point into the tech industry for early career professionals and career transitioners.

Lastly, the tech industry is increasingly demanding sales and customer support talent. Inside Sales Representatives and Account Managers have seen over 300% growth in postings over the past year, as tech companies recognize their need for employees with sales training to fuel and sustain growth their industry is experiencing. Demand for Sales Training as a prerequisite has increased more than tenfold, with its rise even steeper for managerial positions.