Hot Jobs Report - September 2022

Monthly insight into the tech and knowledge economy labor market in Tulsa

Welcome to the September edition of inTulsa’s Hot Jobs Report. Every month, inTulsa will dive into the region’s hottest tech jobs showcasing growing, in-demand skills relevant to each job. Demand for tech industry jobs are measured by unique job postings for that given month. Tech in Tulsa is growing rapidly in the region with a nearly 100% increase since 2018. 

September 2022 Narrative

Hot Tech Jobs - August 2022 Hot Skills Monthly Growth in Skill Demand
Help Desk Analysts Microsoft Software +100%
Java Developers Java (Programming Language) 100%
Biostatisticians Statistical Analysis +117%
Business Analysts Power BI +600%
IT Project Managers Agile Methodology +57%

From July 2022 through August 2022, Tulsa’s tech market continued to hum, during which we saw a strong demand for Systems Engineers – echoing previous months demand for this occupation. System engineers in the tech space troubleshoot and solve technical problems that arise, finding the best solutions to address these problems by developing the technical hardware/system software to remedy issues. After developing these technical interventions, system engineers are responsible for maintaining and supporting this newly deployed technical infrastructure. An instrumental skill to this occupation is computer engineering, with this skill’s demand growing by 67% in the last month alone. This computer engineering skillset bridges software and hardware knowledge, integrating facets of both electrical and computer engineering fields. For those looking to jump start a career in system engineering and learn more about computer engineering, Tulsa Community College’s Engineering, A.S. in Computer Engineering is a great start to your journey. 

Another tech job on the rise in Tulsa are Security Analysts. This cybersecurity occupation monitors a company’s computer and network infrastructure to protect the organization from cyber threats. With a median salary of $80,253, this high paying opportunity is only expected to increase in demand with Tulsa’s workforce expected to grow by 14% in the next 5 years. Operational skills like security policies are in high demand for this career, growing by 117% in the last month. Security analysts may assist with building out security policies to act as a master blueprint, protecting a company’s assets, guarding data, ensuring compliance and informing employees. These policies encompass important best practices of cybersecurity like incident response and risk management. For those looking to receive training to become a security analyst, Tulsa offers several great options, one is Tulsa Community College’s new Cyber Skill Center, offering a 24 week accelerated training program in cybersecurity where students learn to apply core skills and are equipped with in-demand technical tools to pivot into a career in cybersecurity. Northeastern State University offers continuing education options, in partnership with ThriveDX, this accelerated training program is designed for people with little or no IT background to attain an entry level job in cybersecurity. 

Tulsa is also seeing an increased demand for Software Engineering Managers, these managers are tasked with overseeing software developers on projects, such as the designing and/or development of software, apps or programs. The median salary for software engineering managers is about $100,000 annually with a potential to earn more with experience. DevOps is a skill frequently demanded by employers for software engineering managers, growing by 100% in the last month. The DevOps process revolves around shortening the development life cycle and producing high quality software by leveraging best practices, tools and philosophies to automate and integrate processes between software development and IT teams. If you’re interested in a software engineer career, Holberton Tulsa provides an indispensable foundation for software engineering, teaching the software building blocks and specific area specializations, like full stack web dev and machine learning. 

Outside of tech, HR Directors/Managers are in growing need. These managers are tasked with effectively and efficiently managing the employees of a company, instituting policies and elucidating the administrative functions of an organization. This occupation earns a median salary of $101,749 and is expected to increase by 4% in the next 5 years. Employee relations is a skill commonly observed among job posts for this occupation, growing in demand by 29% from last month. Employee relations is a multidisciplinary skill rooted in the interactions and interrelations between employees and employers. For those interested in a management position within a human resources department, this will typically require an advanced degree, a great opportunity to attain this degree is at OSU-Tulsa campus where the you can earn a graduate certificate in human resource management, distilling the competencies that are meant to provide the foundation for talent management throughout the HR lifecycle. 

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