Setpoint x inTulsa Partnership

Setpoint is an innovative, startup company that is bringing automation and smart technology to indoor climate control in multi-room buildings, deploying wireless climate node networks that enable users to sense, analyze, and automate the indoor climate in every room, through their Climate Intelligence Platform. Similar to their smart systems they needed a smart hiring method – that’s where inTulsa comes in.


Setting up Setpoint

Setpoint was connected with inTulsa in early 2022, looking to open a Midwest office with an expansion plan aimed at hiring 6 candidates in 2020 with an eye towards more jobs in the future.


Sourcing Skills

Setpoint was looking to fill several positions focused in both project management and sales, looking for qualified talent with specific skills around both multi-room buildings and construction. Our team took note and quickly sent over a pool of qualified candidates.

Tulsa's Edge: Project Managers

Tulsa possesses a remarkable project management pipeline for companies, having a supply of project managers that is 5.4% bigger than expected for a city of our size and that is 13% less than the median national salary.


The speed and swiftness of our talent services solidified the working relationship between Setpoint and inTulsa. Within days after the first kick off meeting, inTulsa was able to prove their value add, bringing with us a Rolodex of qualified candidates from our robust talent pool. Just in 2022 alone, inTulsa added over 7,000 candidates to our talent network, having a diverse and readily available talent supply to answer any industry skill needs. Our experienced talent partners sourced for these mid-career candidate and early candidates with great success outside of our network through a strategic job posting campaigns.


Beyond inTulsa’s talent services, our community connections were crucial in this relationship! inTulsa helped the team at Setpoint find co-work space at 36 Degrees North coworking space, subsidizing the team office space for the first 90 days – ultimately, saving money and enabling more hires  in the process!

Tulsa's Edge: The Right Climate

Tulsa is already an established name in the climate control industry. Home to AAON, this Tulsa powerhouse is a world leader in creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments, efficiently, through the manufacture of premium HVAC equipment. Tulsa also boasts the company’s $30MM, 134,000 square foot state-of-the-art research facility, testing of up to a 300-ton air conditioning system, up to a 540-ton chiller system, and 80 million btu/hr of heating capacity.


Our Commitment

In under one year, the team at Setpoint was able to have a hub of 7 employees stood up in Tulsa. Setpoint was able to find 5 qualified candidates independently, with inTulsa sourcing 2 Project Managers for the company and plugging all their talent into the Tulsa community, providing free coworking space and a remote community.