Setting Up Business In Tulsa This Year

Setting up a business in Tulsa is ideal for companies looking to hire high-skilled talent at a competitive salary range in 2022. At inTulsa, we work with a variety of different companies, whether they’re big tech companies looking to hire local talent, or growth stage companies looking to hire and develop their local presence. We have the ability to bring resources to bear, no matter the size of the company, to help you succeed in town.

We have been offering these services for the past two years as we have built our organization, and as the world continues to change, we continue to pivot with it.

Though we may be entering an economic downturn, that is even more of a reason a location like Tulsa is attractive for growing companies as cost plays a major role. An important factor is also how diverse the city of Tulsa is — something that hiring managers are looking for in order to build an equitable workforce.

It’s during these uncertain times, with a lot of unknowns about how work will also change, that inTulsa can offer an unique opportunity to help organizations who are forward looking, and still moving ahead with growth.

What does Tulsa offer when hiring?

When growing a business, companies must consider a number of factors — many of which put Tulsa at a unique advantage.

For growth stage companies, Tulsa offers different opportunities such as personalized support from our team, a place to open your office (as an example, we work with the innovative co-working space, 36 Degree North), and connections to local investors.

When it comes to talent, Tulsa excels in areas such as engineering and sales. We also work to cultivate this type of talent with upskilling programs such as the Holberton School and Satellite SDR program, which accelerate sales talent.

A snapshot of our research on how Tulsa's upward trajectory has compared to the rest of the country highlights the city’s software engineering potential. As an example, Tulsa has outpaced U.S. growth since 2016. In growing our pipeline, from 2015 - 2020, Tulsa’s talent pipeline grew computer science graduates by 51%. And when it comes to a competitive salary range, Tulsa’s average salary is 20% less than the national weighted average.

Alongside the desire of local residents to break into tech, working with candidates in Tulsa offers a positive experience. The Midwestern temperament is well suited for sales jobs and customer-facing roles, with that kind of talent abundant in Tulsa. 

Our same internal research indicates that Tulsa is beating U.S. trends as Tulsa’s sales talent base grew 28% more than the rest of the U.S. since 2016. In building a talent pipeline, Tulsa is rolling out innovative tech sales programs like Satellite, in order to prepare future salespeople. When it comes to competitive salary in this field, Tulsa’s salary is 15 to 20% less on average. 

Other areas in which we have talent include the fields of marketing, finance, and operations, and we continue to work and help develop the local workforce in both these fields and others as opportunities arise.

There are also a number of verticals we have invested in, as we see the city expanding in them. Such areas are part of the movement in the American Heartland to build a diverse tech ecosystem. We focus on areas such as cybersecurity, drones, virtual health, and energy by investing in building infrastructure to support those verticals.

How inTulsa can help your business grow

The work we do at inTulsa is to serve as facilitators in the city, and we work alongside other organizations such as the City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Regional Chamber in order to help companies succeed in town.

While marketing the city is something that we do, we focus on a hands-on approach in helping companies establish themselves in Tulsa.

When we initially get in contact with an organization that is interested in opening an office or hiring here, we seek to understand what the goals of the organization are. Depending on the needs of the organization, we form a plan, whether our help means just finding a certain type of candidate for a specific role, all the way to building a team from the ground up. 

We pride ourselves on being of service to companies who are interested in hiring in Tulsa. The workforce development support we provide includes the coaching our Talent Partners offer in working with candidates in order to help them get hired. This prepares talent to take on new roles by upleveling their soft skills before they are even onboarded.

What is key here is that we take a bespoke approach to each company we work with, as we understand that every organization has different needs… and those needs change as the companies grow.

The importance of community, especially during a downturn 

A major part of what makes Tulsa so successful is that we have taken steps to cultivate a diverse, vibrant local community, whether it’s on the organizational level or grassroots organizations which engage the local population.

There are a number of organizations we work with to build community, such as the Tulsa Innovation Labs, who are making Tulsa a cyber center with the launch of their Cyber Skills Center program, along with venture capital funds such as Atento Capital.

And every day there are new activities and startups springing up! When it comes to helping the local community, organizations such as Built in Tulsa and NewU have helped in supporting and growing local entrepreneurs.

Why is all of this important? It is important for the reason that young candidates such as Gen Z value the importance of community and organizations which are impact driven. A strong community is attractive as it supports the growth of local candidates.

2022 is as good a time as any to launch operations here, and inTulsa will be a partner in your organization’s growth. In the midst of the changing economy, uncertainty about work norms, and the influx of Gen Z into the workforce, we can help you navigate and succeed in Tulsa.