Tulsa Remoters Increased Their Involvement in the Local Community

According to a recent Brookings study, Tulsa Remoters effectively experienced an increase of 1.6 percentage points in the pro-sociality index after moving, despite pandemic conditions.

Non-Tulsa Remoters experienced a decrease in their pro-sociality score during 2020. Such increase was driven by Tulsa Remoters having a higher probability of: -engaging in volunteering (+21.9 percentage points)
-participating in local organizations (+17.5 percentage points),
-patronizing small and/or local establishments (+8.7 percentage points),
-engaging in personal conversations about discrimination (+8.9 percentage points) Through inTulsa's placement of individuals in remote jobs, and Tulsa Remote's excellent track record in community stewardship, we are building a Remote-Forward city that fosters cohesiveness over division.

Source: https://www.brookings.edu/research/work-from-anywhere-as-a-public-policy-three-findings-from-the-tulsa-remote-program/