Did you know that Tulsa is home to one of the Nation's top 25 Cyber Universities, housing the largest Cyber Corps program in the US? Tulsa is your home for top-notch Cyber talent and is making major investments in scaling degree and non-degree programs to meet national demand.

Tulsa's strong corporate presence, skilled workforce, and unmatched academic programs places us at the forefront of cyber technology and creates an environment for business success.

Problems we are solving for

Does this sound like your company? If so, inTulsa is the right partner for you!

  • Companies involved in critical infrastructure like energy, aerospace, and healthcare.
  • Companies needing first class cyber talent with a leading university and numerous professional programs to fuel company talent pipelines.
  • Companies looking for robust VC, philanthropic, and university backing to test and deploy cyber technology.

How we are solving these problems

Tulsa is supercharging innovation in partnership with Team8 VC, local universities, industry leaders, GKFF, and philanthropic entities to:

  • Accelerate research and development across cyber, data science, and machine learning.
  • Pair Cyber PhDs with VC mentors to foster innovation and industry.
  • Grow talent pipelines with a first-class cyber university (TU) and numerous professional programs -- like TCC's Cyber Skills Center.