Why Virtual Health in Tulsa?

Tulsa is an urban gateway to enter the rural care market and a low-cost city in which to grow clinical support jobs

Tulsa is transformed into a virtual health hub for the South with best-in-class tools developed in local research centers and a vibrant business community and scaling tools; health access and outcomes dramatically improve in Tulsa and OK.

Tulsa and Oklahoma are right-sized to allow for rapid relationship development with patients, providers, and payors

Problems we are solving for

  1. Company has a service that will increase access to quality health care for low-income and underserved communities and/or
  2. Company is developing solutions that enable the decentralized delivery of healthcare
  3. Company is looking to demonstrate proof of concept in other geographies or patient populations

How we are solving these problems

  • Business Attraction with Partnerships for Pilots - Tulsa can become the easiest place to establish and grow companies in Virtual Health if we can fast-track access to pilots.
  • There is potential for us to accelerate pace and scale partnership numbers by supporting product/service pilots.

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